Wild Pirates

There’s a crew of wild pirates!!!


But they are depressed.


They are trying to maneuver this big sumptuous ship they have, but nobody wants to act. Nobody really wants to steer, to clean, not even to lead. Nobody even cares about the treasure. It’s waaaaaaay too far away, anyway, and there’s not even a lady on board. That’s pretty depressing.

So, they keep sailing, and sailing, but without even a sail actually, they just let themselves be carried around by the current.

At some point


I shit you not.


The pirates are dragged down from their beds.
Now what?

Captain, what do we do?

Yells somebody.
But they don’t even know who’s the damn captain, on board.

The Leviathan is huge, several hundred times the ship. It has 8 pairs of bright red eyes and emits a very scary and dark and deeply unsettling sound.


The plan of the pirates is to just wait that the thing goes away, and that a better time will come.
They close every door, they turn on the onboard tv, and start watching the Pirate News.
The tv of course is just a mere wooden frame, with one of the pirates acting behind it.

The Huge Leviathan, the Bane of the Oceans, has just appeared nearby. Everything is probably fucked up, we’re screwed my crewd!

The tone, as it often happens in the news, is very negative.
It’s not helping!

One of the pirates, tweets everybody (i.e. wrote on a napkin) that the Leviathan doesn’t exist, and that it is only a conspiracy of the Kingdom, to scare them away from their Pirates’ shenanigans.

What about the fucking Leviathan itself tho, bro?

Says another pirate.
There’s not even time to respond.

The giant monster is making a move.
It swallows the ship with all the pirates.

A giant dimensional whirlpool appears, the Black Hole of the Seas, and it swallows the Leviathan.

The end.