The Weapon X

“It all started from the government – goes on agent Alpha – they never had to leave double spies leave the country without chipping them with the authentications first. From now on, it will only be a downward spiral of terror, doubts, treachery and chaos.”

“I would love to disagree, Alpha – agent Lambda was shaking his head in front of his fifth coffee today – the Weapon X has been the worst thing that happened to our country, no, to our entire planet, after that 2040 Coronabacteria outbreak… It’s unprecedented.”

“True. An authentic disaster. Being able to completely disguise one’s own identity within seconds, changing facial features, even the voice and the movements can be deep faked. But that’s what happens when you combine graphene nanomachines with the already worrying hyper-quantum A.I. technologies…”

“And now, every terrorist in the world is just walking around like they’re freaking James Franco. Do you remember that actor, Al?”

“Oh, for sure L, can anybody really forget that ridicolous pile of manure that is Spider Man 1?”

“I don’t think so.”

“We’ll never be free from that memory.”

“Sad but true Al.”

“But, proceeding on a more serious note L…”


“Where do you think that the president is hiding? Do you think he’s him, even?”

“Nobody knows that Al, I think he might have left the hideout long ago. I was given classified informations on this argument, but I don’t know if I should disclose…”

“Everything is going crazy, Lambda. We’ve been patroling this bunker for, how long, a year now? I want to go home and hug my children, hug my wife! I’d really like to know where the president is hiding, and if the guy we are protecting here is the real deal or not. He might just be another guy in disguise, using the Weapon X on himself!”

“Ehy, Al, look…”

“I don’t want to waste any more time. TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW, NOW!”

He takes out his gun and points it right in the middle of agent Lambda’s forehead.

“Please, don’t.”


He’s out of his mind.
Lambda tries to stand up, while simultaneously throwing the boiling hot coffee on the collegue’s face but…


He gets shot multiple times.


He hits the ground with a thud.
The nanomachines starts reorganizing on his face.


The president’s hand is shaking…

“I’m sorry mister President… I was only… following… the protection… protocol… I had to… pretend… I couldn’t imagine… I…”

He dies in a whisper.


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