The UFO and the Pumpkin

It appears that Halloween’s pumpkins actually come from the aliens. On the 9th of August of some centuries ago, a golden UFO descended on Earth. It was golden, and very tall, like those metal Inception’s style spinning tops, but reversed, and with a lot of “eyes” on the top part, half spheres, colored like the colors of the rainbow.

The thing started to spit rays, and to destroy the Earth itself. It carved out the rivers, and the lakes, and even some smaller seas. Its advance was unstoppable, but at some point, it did stop. A beautiful pumpkin was on the ground, and they fell in love. The pumpkin was actually a girl, but she was wearing only orange underwear, and her smile was so wide, that the alien thing mistaken her for a Halloween pumpkin. Which is very weird because at that time Halloween pumpkins still didn’t existed. This is a very strange phenomenon that nobody can still explain to this day.

But the girl and UFO loved each other, he kidnapped her and brought her up in the sky, to watch the stars very closely, and then to watch the world from there. They lived a happy life, listening to the Smashing Pumpkins together, and waiting together for another happy day to come…