The Sqwork

“An invisible liquid is flowing everywhere, forever, since the dawn of ages. It is in our air, in our food, in our hair, and in our water. It originates from the Evil Seed, and it spreads through time and space, gunking and polluting everything it touches.

Because of this liquid, the illusion of duality has been imposed upon us, and we now think we are small creatures, pawns of our fate. In reality, we could be so much more, but to gain back this clarity, we’ll have to clear ourselves from the Sqwork.

In order to do this, there are to steps to execute:

  1. Individuate it and recognize it
  2. Block it with special crystals, so it cannot flow anymore.

We’ll fly through the sky towards the Empty Lands, guided by our instincts. We’ll retrieve the crystals from the Golden Tree of Destiny, and finally accomplish our new fate, and embody our true nature of Gods.”

From the Journals of Kom 17,II