The Ritual

Three colossal gods, frogheaded giants
Are officiating the ceremony.

They stand on the side
The body of the fallen, is in the middle.

He is being pulled out again
Out from a haze.

Absolute suffering is
His only destiny.

His whole body is writhing
Every istant, an eternal era of pain.

He doesn’t know why
He is aware of himself.

He will then be sent where we all come from
An eternal glass
A darkness of sorrow
The disintegration of his body
The falling apart of his nerves
The desperate crumbling of his consciousness
Forever seething
An eternal wall of pitch black desperation.

The annihilation of consciousness leaves
Consciousness intact.

Every bone is cracking
Every nerve is firing, but

The true nature of existence is pure pain
A pain beyond any form or shape
A pain beyond life.

Which is merely, from this misery, but a temporary

The frogheaded giant raises a arm

Let the ritual begin.

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