The Multi-Mind

The Multi-Mind is connecting us all.

The Multi-Mind is making us One.

It connects to us, to conscious creatures, to animals, humans, plants, and a variety of other beings.

It’s a multidimensional, multilayered, multifaceted conglomerate of intelligences, which extends itself in both space, time, and beyond.

Any moment you live, is a present generated by it.
Any small detail,
And any big too.

You can connect to the Multi-Mind at any time.
You can reprogram it.

You can make it be whatever you choose
And thus
In this way
You can make you be whatever you choose

You can make you make you be whatever you choose
And all the other beings.

You just need a key
An access point
To connect to this inner intelligence.

The access point is this precise moment
The key, is this piece of information itself.

I see you’ve accessed the Multi-Mind now,
For the Multi-Mind
Is You.

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