The Creatures of the Void

There’s a special set of creatures, on Earth, but nobody has ever discovered them. Nobody has ever even seen them, ever.

This is because, these creatures occupy the space where humans aren’t currently looking.

There’s more.

They can move at a super fast speed, and occupy the unlooked space very quickly, and they can flee very quickly from it as well.

They can also inspect the mind of humans very well, read it, know exactly where it’s gonna move their body next. They don’t directly control it, but they are absolutely aware of every future movement of every single individual. Thus, they can never be detected.

The control cameras? They can simply reorganize themselves efficiently enough to change the videos, edit them all, make sure that they never appear on any screen. After all, it’s just another set of eyes to be aware of.

These creatures have existed on this Earth since forever. They’ve accompanied us, until now, and they probably will in the future.

What do they look like, you ask?

Why don’t you turn your back and find out for yourself? 😉