Princess Moonwhite

In a verdant and sunny kingdom near the hills and near the sea, in a charming town of white houses with red roofs, in the castle located at the top of the highest point of the plateau, inside the highest tower, lived a beautiful princess called Moonwhite.

Moonwhite woke up every morning together with the rays of the sun and the melodies of the nightingales, smiling. She changed clothes, assisted by her numerous handmaids, and washed her face with the purest source water, collected directly from the point closest to the source of the highest mountain on the continent, especially for her, from the citizens of the kingdom.

For breakfast, nectars of the finest fruits were selected every day of the week, chosen for her by the best farmers in the region, sometimes picked from trees as old as rocks, and sometimes from tiny bonsai of berries, young and bright as the Spring.

During the day, she only drank drops of dew, purified and filtered, and her delicious salads were seasoned exclusively with tears of white squirrel (tears of joy, of course) and some primitive black algae oil, hand-picked from the deepest and most dangerous regions of the ocean, and squeezed at the moment in a mill.

In the evening, before going to bed in her sumptuous alcove, soft as the clouds and overflowing with drapes and cushions of every color, shape, and size, she immersed herself in a bath of wild golden almond milk from the south-eastern desert region, garnished with soaps and lotions of every kind, from the highly prized dwarf coconut extracts of the blue islands, to the sacred healing and aromatic herbs of the monks of the mountains, such as the very rare Alpine Polar Star…


Cover image by neko_insonnia