Once, a horse was riding free in the meadows.

It was a beautiful white horse.

His name was Horse.

Horse wanted to reach the rainbow, so he ran and ran, faster and faster.

At every storm, Horse was warming up, doing squats and lounges, like a real horse.

So, one day, the rainbow was particularly shiny and radiant.

Horse was headed towards it.

He was pretty fast.

He was pretty damn fast, look at him!

He’s almost reaching the rainbow, OMG!!!

But, suddenly, a leprechaun appears…

He’s unscrewing the rainbow from the ground, to lift it up and carry it away to some other post-storm location.

Apparently, that’s how it goes…

Horse was flabbergasted.

“WHAT!? A leprechaun is unscrewing the rainbow!!!”

The screws were massive, and they were jointed to some huge tusk-shaped horns, which were then in turn screwed in the ground by the leprechaun to keep the rainbow in place.

As soon as the leprechaun saw Horse, he started to freak out.


And he started shooting small arrows with his crossbow, trying to stun Horse.

Horse was deflecting every bullet with his Ninja and Kung Fu skills, using in particular his famoous Horse style, for which he was renown and respected in the whole country.

He was super determined to touch the rainbow, but…

An arrow hit him, right in the middle of his forehead.


He started to shout in Horsese.

But nobody was there to listen, and the leprechaun was gone too, and so his precious rainbow…

He sighed, and prepared to come back home, when he saw something!

A sparkle in the grass?

It was one of those large tusk-shaped horns to fix the rainbow to the ground, jointed to a screw, exactly the shape and size of the projectile’s hole in Horse’s forehead.

“I has an idea.”

And that, kids, is how unicorns got their famous horn.

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