Inner Sphere

There was a world were everything was real. I mean, really everything.
People were only talking about real facts. They couldn’t even imagine fictional stories, because they just didn’t have that magical power.

They never heard of magic, and they never heard of imagination. They didn’t even ever heard about lies.

All that was being shared, every single piece of advice, or conversation, or information, was based on straight facts. Arguing wasn’t even a thing, in fact, cause everybody just kept agreeing with each other. Disagreement would just require somebody not being right, some thing not being true, so they just didn’t have it.

Then one day, all of a sudden, a misterious fog started to surround everybody, every corner of every building of every city. It was a very weird kind of fog. A mystical mist, made of very strange microdrops of a sticky fluid… It wasn’t really visible at all times, you had to really focus on it, visualize it, and take your time, if you wanted to identify its patterns.

Looking at the fog from very close, lo and behold, images were forming. Bizarre things started appearing. Colors that are not even of this world. Emotions that they never experienced and didn’t believe that existed. Unearthly shapes, caleidoscopical creatures, ancient echoes, distant shadows from distant worlds… Every drop was a new source of unthought ideas, of previously unseen and unspeakable formations.

At first everybody was scared as hell.


But then they started to get used to it, first, then to enjoy it, and after some days they were completely enthralled and rapture by the new fog.

In every drop, deeper inside it, a new world to imagine, and, wait a second! A passage to another dimension!?
And, this is very weird, look at one of those spheres!

Come inside it.
And you’ll find that inside that sphere, right in its innermost cavity, there’s a very special, uncanny, marvellous, and magnificent world.

This one.