How To Die Twice

“Hey, I’ll take that acid” – I said
But then, instead of getting high, I woke up. In a hospital bed.
I was a different guy, though.

A 55 years old guy, who apparently has been sleeping in a deep coma for 5.

I remembered who I was, Jason, the guy who wanted to try acid. My past life, or so it seemed?
I went and checked in the library’s archives for my name, everywhere, and of course on Google.

And it turns out, Jason died that same night of 5 years ago, when I was supposed to have taken that acid, in a car accident?

So, well, I decided to embrace that situation.
I lived my new life, I came “back” with my wife and my 2 kids, I had no memories but they accepted me.
I stayed with them for 20 years and then, one day, I passed away.
That’s when the acid hit me.

“Jason, are you ok? You look pretty fucked up. One drop was supposed to be enough… You shouldn’t have taken the whole bottle”