Fox and Hedgehog

Once upon a time there was a Fox in a big forest. He was wild, handsome, witty, fast and strong. He was curious and knew a lot about different things, especially healing herbs. He wandered around the forest exploring, but sometimes he felt very lonely. Fox was alone and even though he was very brave and strong sometimes the shadows from his past haunted him in his nightmares. He managed to get through it but it hurt.

One sunny day Fox met a Hedgehog. Hedgehog was small and prickly, and albeit cute, she didn’t have many friends cause everybody was scared of her spikes. Fox was brave so he came closer, they looked into each other eyes and started laughing and sun shined brighter that day. They both felt an unusual warmth inside, like if something long time lost was finally found. And so they went and wandered together. Fox taught Hedgehog about herbs and other things they met on the way, Hedgehog made him delicious food and while Fox was asleep he hugged him tight and protected him with her spikes from dark nightmares. One day Fox felt that he is not as wild anymore, because wild animals like him don’t make friends with cute hedgehogs, it’s wrong.

So, at night, when Hedgehog was asleep he left. He was crying and sad leaving his beloved Hedgehog but the wilderness was calling him. And so he walked into deep dark woods, and shadows got thicker and scarier, he started drowning in this shadows, it was scary, they were pressing him from every sides whispering scary things. He yelled as strong as he could and Hedgehog heard him, she woke up from a nightmare realizing it was actually what was happening to Fox. She didn’t know where he was but a little spark in her heart showed her the way. And so she ran. Fox was drowning and suffocating in the shadows, he thought he was almost out of breath, but Hedgehog managed to destroy the shadows with her spikes and the Sun came. It was over.

Fox kissed her soft pink belly, hugged her tight and they continued the adventure through the forest together…