Buckingham Pizza

We surely had risked a lot before that night, but a giant graffiti on the queen’s very house… That was just another level of madness. So, we were 12 and well equipped, but not a lot in the end, if you ask me. That’s quite a trick to pull off, and even if we were an expert team, matter of fact the best writer’s crew of the whole country, the chances of actually doing it weren’t exactly 100/100. If you know what I mean.

Rocket rollerblades, automatic cansprays, dynamic camouflage clothing and masks, radio set for mutual feedback and operational control… The technical part wasn’t bleeding. What wasn’t going ok at all, was the morale. We were risking A LOT, this could cost us literally our whole life. So, yeah, there was that other problem… The choice of the subject.

Since we all liked pizza a lot, Mona from the logistic team decided to treat us a maxi one each, the day before the operation. And critically so, ’cause now our moral was stellar, and our hearts were high. We high fived once more, got into our equipment, and as for the subject of our new graphic… We were one.

And that’s how the queen’s palace became a huge pizza place, with pizza signs, pizza designs, even huge discounts offers…

The event made it to the news internationally, the cleaning services took several weeks to remove it completely, and to this day, pranksters still try to order pizza, by showing up on the door with a coupon, and doing commemorative selfies in front of the main entrance.

That’s all from JSR Crew

Stay pizza! 🍕

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