In Anentropia, everything flows naturally towards order.

There are anti-storms, sweeping the country, and actually fixing the signposts and the trashbins and the cars.

The trashbins themselves are actually spontaneous distributors of white towels, and flowers, and food.

In Anentropia, everybody is naturally happy.

Sleeping makes you learn new things, and by playing you get better grades and money automatically.

Conversation always end up in the right way, everybody is proactive without effort, nobody ever complains and people are always in harmony and at peace.

There is only one problem, in Anentropia.

You have to die, to get there.
And then, with time, you’ll slowly shrink, and shrink, and disappear.

In Anentropia, everybody dies the same way.

They get sucked in their father’s balls.