All Your Past Is Here Now

I once found out a method to remember everything that you usually don’t remember.
There’s a mechanism in our mind, in fact.
It allows us to forget those things that if remembered, would put us into trouble in the present (to whatever degree).
We cannot remember everything, it’s a ton of information and it would easily overwhelm us. Though, once, I know for a fact I discovered this method, a special technique to retrieve from your mind any kind of information. Or even, all of them.

It’s horrible then, now, to realize that briefly after that method’s discovery, I had decided to utilize another one to delete it from my memory, forever. For it was too dangerous of a tool, for a human to have at his own disposal.

Now, I am waking up from that haze, stunned. These words are written on my mirror:

“If you don’t remember everything
Who are you?”

Not knowing the answer to this question gives me an unsettling feeling.

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