A Maze In Yourself


Time has been forgotten by now.

You try to make sense of what’s happening, but it just cannot be.

Lost, in the middle of a maze.

A maze within.

Deep in the abysses of the soul.

There are, monsters of every kind, creatures of every species.

Your past, present, and future, and this neverending feeling.

A longing.

“I want to find an exit.”

Labyrnths are made for people to get lost in them, so they can find a way out.

There must be a way out, even if sometimes the only way out is… throughout.

So, you keep losing yourself, deeper and deeper.

And at some point, you realize something.

That decision has been so wise, that maybe it was for this very reason, that this maze was made.

To realize that it’s amazing, to choose to get lost in yourself, in a maze, in yourself.

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