A Boring Story

There is a guy, who’s name is Jack.

He wants to find a girlfriend, and to save the world. Why? Because an evil entity humiliated him, made him feel bad, and stole his former girl.

He is walking in the forest, which is actually a small one near his hometown.

All this, right after going to a bar, to have a beer. He’s walking in the forest, and he meets a bear. But nothing really interesting happens here, aside from this bar beer bear silly pun. Really.

Then, he meets a boar. I’m not even making this up, son. Straight facts.

Again, not much happens. He’s bored. Bored! Bro…

Then, he goes home, and sleeps. He doesn’t actually have enough money to purchase any magical items, not to mention an actual sword, so he just tries to get a good job first, which will hopefully also leave him enough time on the side to practice magic and swordmanship.

It’s really hard, though. A crysis just hit the Kingdom, so for a regular dude like him having a good salary and a stable job is just gonna be stressful, but he also should be really grateful about it. Many people can’t even have that, right?

So, he is often frustrated and stressed out by this condition in which he finds himself to be. He tries not to complain too much about it, he’s not a complainer by any stretch. But still, he doesn’t really enjoy it. No time for sword training, and the girl he likes keeps hanging out with other guys.

The years pass, and he is now 35. The girl is now somebody’s wife, but life has been really unfair with our hero, so he couldn’t really do much about it, right?

The evil guy has now a consolidated empire, with companies and branches all over the country, and Jack’s actually one of his employees. Not even the best of them, mind you, because that’s only a job, for the money, for food and living, you see. Jack’s actually a hero. But nobody really knows. Well, you do now.

I guess.